Shenzhen Longgang Community Culture and Sports Center Design Competition is now open for pre-qualification application. Design teams from home and abroad are welcomed to participate in this tender.

项目概况Project Overview

In recent years, Longgang District has earnestly implemented Shenzhen’s strategic layout of “Eastward Expansion with Cultural Development”, and made every effort to build a "cultural and sports highland" in the east of Shenzhen, aiming to enrich the cultural life and sports activities of the public, and highlight the comprehensive soft power of Longgang District.

Pingdi Community Culture and Sports Center, located close to the International Low Carbon City, is a comprehensive culture and sports center in the district and an important supporting cultural project of International Low Carbon City. The project will be mainly operated for public benefits as free facilities. After completion, it will provide necessary places for activities such as cultural events, reading, artistic performances, sports competitions, fitness and so on. The architectural design shall be people-oriented, focus on practicality, comfort, ecology, authenticity and rationality, as well as building a symbolic public building image in the neighborhood.

项目区位Project Location

The project is located in Pingdi Neighborhood, Longgang District, Shenzhen, about 2.5km away from Shenzhen International Low Carbon City and about 5km away from Longgang Central City. The total site area is 17,282 square meters, and the gross floor area is temporarily set as 71,890 square meters. The investment is tentatively estimated at RMB 695 million, in which construction and installation budget is about RMB 590.75 million. The project is funded by Longgang District Government. The specific project gross floor area and investment shall be subject to the approval of relevant departments.

                                Project Location

项目区位示意图 Project Location

Project Location

项目位置 Project Location

The site is located at the intersection of Longfeng Road and Fuhua Road, Pingdi Neighborhood. The north side of the site is Xianglin Century Residential Community, and to the northeast, there is Dongxing Foreign Languages School. The site is about 500 meters from Yanlong Avenue, 1,000 meters from Outer Ring Highway, and 500 meters from the planned Pingxi Station of Metro Line 3 (Longgang Line).

Site Boundary Diagram

场地范围示意图 Site Boundary Diagram

                                Site Aerial Photo and Boundary Diagram
                                Site Aerial Photo and Boundary Diagram

场地现状航拍 Site Aerial Photo and Boundary Diagram

View from across Longfeng Road

龙凤路看向场地 View from across Longfeng Road

主要设计内容Major Programming

Major programming can be divided into cultural center, library, art center (including theatre), sports center (including games hall, training hall and National Physical Fitness Monitoring Center), and is equipped with management and supporting facilities (sports shops, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.), underground garage, as well as overhead space and outdoor sports fields.

招标内容Tender Scope

This project tender scope for the winner is all-phase design of all disciplines, including schematic design and optimization (including investment estimation and specification), design development (including budget preparation), construction document (including technical documents, construction drawings and specification), construction approval assistance, on-site construction cooperation, as-built drawing preparation, project completion acceptance evaluation, etc. The final work scope for the contract winner shall be subject to the tender documents and design contract.

招标方式Tender Rules

The project is "open tender (pre-qualification)", which includes 3 phases: pre-qualification, design competition and final evaluation. Compensation fees are set for the bidders that are pre-qualified but fail to win the bid.

Pre-qualification Phase: the tenderee will establish an expert committee to evaluate the qualification, performance and composition of design firm as well as conceptual proposal, and determine 7 qualified bidders to enter design competition phase, and 2 alternatives (with ranking).
Design Competition Phase: the tenderee shall establish a scheme review jury committee to evaluate the design schemes, and recommend 3 winning candidates without ranking.
Final Evaluation Phase: the tenderee shall establish a final evaluation committee according to law, and determine 1 winner among winning candidates recommended by scheme review jury committee.


报名条件Application Requirement

1. 申请人须是中华人民共和国境内、外注册的企业或机构。
1. Applicants must be domestic or overseas entities with legal business registration.

2. 申请人资质要求:申请人(至少一名联合体成员)需具备国内设计建筑行业(建筑工程)甲级资质,确保全过程设计成果满足国内、深圳市有关规范、规定和行政审批部门的要求。
2. Qualification requirement: Applicants (at least one consortium member) are required to hold class-A qualification/certificate in Chinese architecture design and construction industry (Construction Engineering), to ensure that the design outcomes meet requirements of relevant building codes, regulations and fulfill administrative approvals.

3. 项目负责人或主创设计师至少一人具备国内一级注册建筑师资格。
3. At least one of chief designers or project leader is required to be Grade One registered architect in China.

4. 接受联合体投标,联合体成员(含牵头单位)数量不超过2家。联合体成员不得再单独或以其他名义与其他设计单位组成其他联合体参与报名。
4. Consortium is permitted. One consortium shall include no more than 2 members (including the leading member). Each member of the consortium shall not further apply alone or participate by joining another consortium.

5. 联合体合作方需签署合法有效的《联合体协议》,并明确牵头单位、各个设计阶段中各方的分工划分方式和设计费用的分摊比例和分配方式等。联合体投标的,项目负责人必须是牵头单位员工。
5. The consortium members shall sign the Consortium Agreement legally and specify the leading member, as well as work distribution and share of rights and interests. For consortium, the project leader must be the staff of the leading member.

6. 不接受个人或个人组合的报名。
6. Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.

招标日程Tender Agenda

The following schedule is for reference. The specific time is subject to the officially issued tender announcement.


设计费及优秀方案补偿费Design Fee & Compensation fee

The design fee is tentatively set at RMB 18.46 million (including compensation fee). Compensation fee is set as follow :


资格预审结果Pre-Qualification Results

Shenzhen Longgang Pingdi Community Culture and Sports Center Design Competition (no. 2019-440307-47-01-100558001001) Pre-qualification Review Meeting was held on April 1, 2021 at The Pavilion Hotel – Longgang Hotel. The Pre-qualification review committee consists of 4 professional juries and 1 user representative.

After careful reviewing and in-depth discussion of the Pre-qualification applications documents submitted by 57 bidding applicants, the jury members selected 7 shortlisted bidders without ranking and 2 alternative bidders with ranking.

The Pre-qualification results have been published on Shenzhen Trading Group Co., Ltd. Longgang Branch Website. The Tenderee is Bureau of Public Works of Longgang District, Shenzhen, with Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd. as co-organizer.

7 shortlisted bidders (in no particular order) and 2 alternative bidders (with ranking) at Pre-qualification Stage are as follow:

入围单位 Shortlists

奥意建筑工程设计有限公司 //

重庆大学建筑规划设计研究总院有限公司 //


广州市城市规划勘测设计研究院 //

中南建筑设计院股份有限公司 //


华东建筑设计研究院有限公司 //

备选设计单位 Alternatives



Note: Official Pre-qualification result is subject to the Shenzhen Trading Group Co., Ltd. Longgang Branch Website.

信息发布及文件下载Announcement and Document Download

1. 招标公告的官方发布平台为深圳公共资源交易中心,后续答疑、补遗文件的发布平台为深圳市电子招标交易平台。请前往“深圳公共资源交易中心”,查看公告及下载资格预审文件:http://www.szggzy.com/jyxx/jsgc/zbgg2/content_137375.html
The official platform for announcement is Shenzhen Public Resources Trading Center., follow-up Q&A and addendum documents is Shenzhen Electronic Tendering Trading Platform. For the official announcement and document download, please visit: http://www.szggzy.com/jyxx/jsgc/zbgg2/content_137375.html

2. 资格预审文件和任务书的下载链接:https://www.jianguoyun.com/p/DaPJH5wQ6NOZCRiI--ID
Download link for Pre-qualification Document and Design Brief: https://www.jianguoyun.com/p/DaPJH5wQ6NOZCRiI--ID

3. 答疑补遗文件下载地址 Addendum and Q&A Document Download link:


招标方 Tenderee

深圳市龙岗区建筑工务署 Bureau of Public Works of Longgang District, Shenzhen


Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd.

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